3 Ways to Get an IG Ready Bedspread

3 Ways to Get an IG Ready Bedspread

Considering how much time some of us spend in bed, how it looks can be really important. It’s where we sleep, watch TV, read, hang out with friends, and (sometimes more importantly) with our dog. It’s the center of attention of our bedroom and one of the best places to take at-home photoshoots. More and more influencers are posting more casual, at-home photos (thank-you pandemic) and they are all the hype! With all the said, how can you spruce up the area to get the same fresher, more decorated, and aesthetic look?


  1. Choose bedsheets that match the rest of your room. 

Everyone think what’s important are the pillows you choose or the comforter, but truth is the bedsheets are the most important part of pulling your bedspread together. Think of it as the foundation. A mural would look off if the background color didn’t enhance the main illustration. Additionally, aside from aesthetics, the bedsheets are what enhances the comfort of your bed! Make sure to choose one that is smooth and comfortable to your skin. Silk or silk-like texture is popular among many people. The color and pattern can be your choice depending on your taste and what the rest of your room looks like.


  1. Choose your lighting. 

Accessories such as bedframes, shelves, bedside tables, etc. are most definitely very important but lighting is key. Like bedsheets, choosing the right lighting can set the tone of your relaxing time. Making a point to use lighting as decoration can help pull your room together. Consider Edison light bulbs, string lights, as well as lamps in different shapes and sizes. You can find a variety of styles that range from modern to thrift shop.


  1. Decorate with flowers. 

The hype around flowers is well deserved because they do so much in terms of uplifting mood and brightening up an area. Around the bedroom is no different. The problem with a lot of bedrooms is that they can be swathed in darkness if you are the type of person to do mid afternoon naps or tend to leave the curtains shut before going to work. Some bedrooms also just naturally don’t receive a lot of natural light. The solution? Preserved roses!

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