A Beauty without Its Beast

A Beauty without Its Beast

I love receiving roses from people. It's a great feeling of elation when you see those bustling buds in full bloom with so many petals that it looks like they are about to explode from their stems. I love putting them at the center of a table and seeing how they instantly bring so much life into my apartment.

But a few days later, I feel like the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Exuding an aura of grouch and angst, I stare at the petals and leaves falling one by one. I desperately try to pick up all the dead petals but I am helpless against the cycle of life. Every day, they just wilt more and more...it hits. That smell. That weirdly sweet smell that is unpleasant but we try to tolerate it anyways because it comes from something that used to be very beautiful and meaningful.

So here is my public service announcement - preserved rose! They are real flowers treated with a special process that makes them last up to a year. All the beauty and grace of these flower are captured without the hard maintenance that is usually associated with it. No dead leaves, no pile of wilted petals, and no stench. It's the benefit of the rose without its thorns.

 If you want to gift your loved one something that will make them stare at it like Belle lovingly looks at books, this is it. And just like books, the benefit of this gift keeps on giving.

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