A Guide for Data Night Look for the Fellas

A Guide for Data Night Look for the Fellas

Whether it’s a date night dinner of an anniversary celebration, we’ve got the perfect formula for the guys to look pressed, dressed, and here to impress. Guys, here’s a secret – your lady wants you to get dressed and look good too! It’s attractive to care about your appearance especially during something as special as an anniversary.

The key to success is to get something that is fitted. The most common mistake guys make is wearing clothes that are too baggy. Even if you are wearing nice clothing, wearing the wrong size will deflate your overall look. You can get your girlfriend to help you out with the correct sizing or, if you want her to be surprised, ask a sales associate at the store for assistance.

Now for the fun part – the clothes! A date night outfit does not have be complex. All you need is a blazer, t-shirt, a pair of trousers, and a boot. All of these can be purchased inexpensively at stores such as H&M or Zara. If you’re new to styling yourself, it might be easier to stay with one color palate – blacks, blues, and maroons. These simpler colors are easier to coordinate. For example, you can wear a black blazer on top of a white t-shirt with a pair of grey trousers. Easy. Or if you want to add a slight pop of color, choose a maroon or darker green blazer or t-shirt. If you aren’t accustomed to wearing a boot, you can switch this out for a pair of clean, white sneakers unless your date location is very formal.

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