A Night In on Valentine’s Day

A Night In on Valentine’s Day

The best kind of date is one that has lasting effects and memories after the date has ended. Here we have the perfect game night activities you can play with your partner! Both might make the two of you laugh, cry, and just a little bit drunk but will create memories that you two will never forget. Additionally, you can keep these games to play with your friends and other groups as well! Intrigued? Here are the games:

  1. We’re Not Really Strangers - https://www.werenotreallystrangers.com/


If you are looking to build emotionally intimacy with your partner, this is the game for the two of you. This card game created with intentional questions that allow you to make connections with the people you play with. Taking place in three stages, each deeper than the one before, you will be able to learn more about your partner, your relationship as well as reaffirm facts that you already know about each other. Bound to bring up fond memories or thoughts that are better spoken, you and your partner will be sure to smile and hug each other throughout the rounds.


  1. Truth or Drink - https://buy.cut.com/


This is SPICY card game with five categories to fit yours and your partner’s mood – on the rocks, extra dirty, happy hour, last call, and with a twist. Each has its own unique set of questions that you either answer…or you take a shot. You can watch people play this game on YouTube through the channel Cut if you want a preview of what you will be getting yourself into.

We hope you enjoyed these suggestions and give the a try! If you’re looking for more gifts that last for more than a night, check out The Royal Rose.  

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