A Royal Rose by Any Other Name Still Smells as Sweet

A Royal Rose by Any Other Name Still Smells as Sweet

Everyone is suffering from FOMO now a days. The fear of missing out is an unfortunate symptom of anyone who's a victim to Instagram or social media. Seeing a picture of some of your friends basking in the bright rays of the beach sun while you yourself squeeze your eyes shut so hard to block out the confines of the library and the textbook in front of you so you can - for one second - be there as well.

Believe it or not, there is an even stronger, more pulling emotion than FOMO. It's the reason brides repurchase their wedding day perfume. It's the reason why those beach goes come back with seashells and put them around their room.


Whereas in FOMO you never lived the moment you crave, in nostalgia you were blessed with that moment and made the memories you want to relive years after the fact. That perfume reminds you of the time you both said "I do" and those seashells remind you of the time you and your friends hadn't a care in the world.

These items that evoke our memories are powerful. So at your next important event, bring something that will remind you or a loved one of just how wonderful that time in your life was. The Royal Rose

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