Activities Your Mom Will Love on Mother’s Day

Activities Your Mom Will Love on Mother’s Day

In our previous blog, we talked about simple ways to enjoy Mother’s Day at home. However, if you and your mom are the type to want to get out of the house and do something special, we have options as well! Be sure to book your appointments ahead of time since spontaneous adventure might be hard to swing on this busy holiday.

  1. Get tattoos together

Now, this is definitely reserved for the mom who is open-minded to this. However, if she is, this is a such a special way to connect with mom especially if you are incredibly close to her. There are so many cute tattoo pairs to choose from that only take a couple of hours. Or if mom has her own ideas of her tattoo, it would be such a fun experience to get one with her!


  1. Mani/Pedis

This is a safer and more classic option but it’s popular for a reason. Being at the salon is a great opportunity to catch up and talk especially with a mani/pedi combo. It’s a great way to spoil mom whether she’s the type of gal to get her nails done regularly or the type who only does it for special occasions such as these. With most mani’s lasting about 2 weeks and pedi’s lasting even longer, it’s a great activity that she will enjoy in the moment as well as savor for the rest of the month.

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