Aligning Your Bouquet with Color Psychology this Valentine's Day

Aligning Your Bouquet with Color Psychology this Valentine's Day

There is evidence to suggest that colors can affect an individual’s emotions, moods and feelings. This theory has been utilized by artists, therapists and interior designers all over the world. In fact, colors can even affect a person’s body on a physiological level as well as evoke different memories!

Using colors as a form of nonverbal communication can serve as a powerful tool this Valentine’s Day. Royal Roses offers over 25 different color variations to choose from in the various flower bouquets, so be sure to communicate the feeling that you are trying to convey! From Metallic Emerald Green to Lilac Purple, finding the perfect color shouldn’t be an issue!

1.Warm colors tend to make people think of warm and cozy things. In regard to emotions and feelings, this could relate to passion, desire and joy.

Red: Red has long been hailed as the color of Valentine’s Day, representing everlasting romance, fiery passion, unwavering love and deep ambition. Red is an intense color that quickly captures a person’s attention, demonstrating both powerful and courageous energies. If red is a bit too intense, pink is always a great choice to represent unconditional love and emotional balance in a more delicate manner.

Yellow: Yellow is perfect for new relationships, representing positivity, a sense of freshness, happiness and warmth. It can even relate to feelings of playfulness and spontaneity. These are all of the qualities that make for a positive beginning that will lead to an even happier ending!

Orange: Orange is a mixture of red and yellow and therefore brings forth properties of each. However, on its own, orange brings projects feelings of optimism, enthusiasm, success and attraction. The color orange is both stimulating  and vibrant in a much more subtle manner than its primary color roots. However, the vibrance of orange is sure to capture the attention of its audience, just in a more soothing manner!

  1. Cool colors tend to calm and soothe, sometimes described as a bit meditative. In regard to emotions and feelings, this could relate to

Blue: The color blue is often associated with freedom, imagination, sensitivity and trust. If your Valentine’s personality is a bit more laid back than most, blue may be just the perfect color. Blue is often regarded as a positive color, exuding feelings of serenity and tranquility to those that are around it.

Green: Green is a nurturing color that represents important changes such as growth, fertility, wealth, healing and ambition. For a couple experiencing positive changes in their relationship, green may be the color to choose! Physiologically, green helps to alleviate anxiety and negative emotions.

Purple: Purple is a fun color that is known to enhance imagination, creativity, extravagance and magic! Because purple is so rarely spotted in nature, it regarded as a precious color, capable of uplifting spirits and increasing sensitivity. However, Royal Rose has no shortage of purple in their bouquets, offering Lavender Purple, Lilac Purple, Dark Purple and Plum Purple!




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