Baking with Roses

Baking with Roses

With the holidays coming up, food will be at the center of everyone’s thoughts. Even those who seldom cook might want to venture out and try a recipe or two. If you are in the mood for baking, we have a fun challenge for your – baking with roses.

Rose and other floral flavors have become more popular over the years. They have been incorporated in mostly sweet desserts and beverages. However, they can be tricky in getting right. Put too much flavor and your bakes might taste soapy. Put too little and you can hardly taste the rose at all. However, when you get that happy medium and paired with a complementary flavor like vanilla or tea (Earl Grey, etc.) and you will be left with an item that is unique and special. Everyone will be coming back for a bite of your dessert!

The easiest way to incorporate rose in your bakes is using rose water. You can make your own or buy it to make your life a little easier. We recommend adding a little more than you anticipate since some of the rose water will evaporate off in the baking process; however, there are plenty of recipes online to guide you in measurements depending on what it is that you want to make. The other way to incorporate rose is using it as decoration. Edible rose petals are available online but make sure to purchase from a reputable brand to ensure that they are safe to eat. There should not be any pesticides or chemicals on the petals. To get the petals to stick, use something like melted chocolate, honey, or molasses. Simply sprinkle the petals over the top and let dry or harden. Voila! There you have it. Breathtaking desserts that will impress the whole family!

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