Best Rose Themed Pet Accessories

Best Rose Themed Pet Accessories

There’s a saying that goes “plants are the new pets and pets are the new kids”. Probably a majority of the people reading this resonated with that line wholeheartedly. As devoted and loving pet parents, we want to get our babies the best and most adorable items on the market. Since you all love our roses, we thought we would talk about the best rose themed pet accessories out there. Your fur babies are going to love these!  

Little Beast


Little Beast is a pet clothing brand that makes cute sweaters, fleece, onesies, and hoodies for dogs and cats. They have a little pink sweater and a pink and blue striped onesie that is to die for! They are made from a comfortable material that moves with your pet and sure to keep your pet warm in high AC locations and winter. They are also great for covering up your baby if they are small, get cold easily, or are hairless.

Hypnotic Dog

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Hypnotic Dog is a company that creates beaded dog collars that indestructible. They are hand painted in California and offer your pooch a fashionable and curated look. Best thing yet, your dog can wear these to the dog park, go on walks, and everything else without this collar breaking. In all different bead shapes, sizes, and colors, there are options for all dogs of all sizes. We love the pale pink option they carry since it gives a delicate but sweet look!  

If you are looking for more things roses, we have the perfect selection for you. At The Royal Rose, we specialize in beautifully crafted preserved roses. Our flowers are made from real roses but preserved through a special process that allows them to last for over a year without light, watering, or maintenance! Always beautifully packaged in a box rather than cheap plastic, Royal Rose roses make the best gift! Place an order today! 

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