Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash

Is it just me or does it seem like someone's birthday every single week in the month of September and October? For someone like me where my gift giving creativity is quite limited - sometimes a different kind of creativity is needed. To create a gift that is both meaningful and enjoyable to the other person, I need customizable ability.

At The Royal Rose, you have all the power to create the perfect birthday gift by choosing your colors, design, and packaging. Even different petals on the roses can have different colors! You can spell out the first letter of your best friend's name with roses; try out our new velvet boxes for a touch of texture; or make your gift into the shape of a heart! With a dozen roses there are a dozen more options with what to do with them!

Not only will you have fun creating the gift but your friend will guarantee to love the gesture! Gifting flowers is something special so gifting customized flowers takes it a level higher. Additionally, The Royal Rose roses are preserved bouquets that last up to a year with no maintenance to keep their fresh appearance. Your friend can enjoy your gift week after week until their birthday rolls around again when you know they will be looking for another set.

Need more inspiration? Check out our Instagram at The Royal Rose, for ideas and eye candy ;)

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