Counting Love

Counting Love

Ever feel stumped about how many roses to give? Is that whole bouquet on that first date too much, or is that single rose on Valentine’s day too little?  There’s a certain message conveyed in the number of stems received and understanding this will be sure to help you find the perfect message to send on any occasion

One- a singular rose is commonly given on the first date. A symbol of love at first sight. This can also be given anytime as a way to express your continued love. 

Three- three stems is a symbol of mutual love and is common for a one-month anniversary. 

Twelve- 12 stems is a symbol of infatuation towards them, a perfect dozen. 

Fifteen- Messed up? Send 15 roses to apologize and make up. 

Twenty- A message of true sincerity to your boo. 

Twenty-four- Two dozen is considered a declaration of eternal love to your significant other. 

Twenty-five- 25 roses is considered a message of congratulations, best if given after your special someone has accomplished something spectacular! 

Thirty-six- 36 roses or more is to express how your love has no bounds and that your limitless love is theirs forever. 

Whether you need one rose or a three bouquets, we at The Royal Rose are committed to catering to your needs. With each high-quality rose preserved to look just as beautiful as you got them years down the line, this eternal gift will be sure to bring a smile to your partner’s face. Check out our options on our website or call us to find the perfect gift for your boo today!

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