Flowers Out of Water

Flowers Out of Water

A quick search on Google and you instantly see thousands of links to blogs, articles, and YouTube videos about how to keep your fresh flowers for longer. Whether they are a gift from someone else or a gift to yourself, flowers sprout joy and freshness. Seeing them on a table instantly lifts mood, livens the room, and heightens the space's sense of sophistication. They are beautiful, cathartic and meaningful... but short-lived. We, victims to their beauty, try everything in our power to keep them alive. Cutting stems at a diagonal underwater, changing the water every couple of days, removing the dead leaves and petals, using warm water instead of cold, etc, etc. All in an attempt to keep them looking like they came straight out of their plastic wrapping - but it's worth it right?  

What if there is another option? Preserved roses from Royal Roses gives you beautiful lush roses without the stress of maintenance.

These are real roses that undergo a special process that preserves their beauty and freshness for up to a year. There is no water to change, no dead leaves to pick out, and no worries. You're not hopelessly cutting away at stems trying to squeeze an extra day out of your flowers because with preserved roses, you can enjoy a full year with them. Additionally, they come in beautifully made boxes and packaging that takes the work out of arranging them in a vase. They are instantly Instagram worthy.

Treat yourself or a loved one to this floral experience that lasts.

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