Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

It's turkey season!!!! And with the holiday cheer you know that you will be gobbling your way through dinner parties and get-togethers whether that's between your family due to blood or choice. You'd be expected bring mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, something with marshmellows...anything to contribute to the potluck. And if you yourself are holding a party yourself, well you can't forget the decorations!

All this cheer and festivities are incredible fun and are sometimes the moments during the year where we make our best memories. But at the same time they can be incredibly stressful so we've compiled a couple of our favorite bouquets that will not only be a great way to decorate your home for Thanksgiving and beyond, but will make a great gift for your loved ones who are hosting parties. A gift from The Royal Rose is one to remember and one that will last all the way until the next holiday season since we created craft preserved roses that don't need water or maintenance to keep their shine for a year! Here are our suggestions:

Pearl and Gold:

This is a unique take on the golden hues that Thanksgiving has to offer! Complement the warm brown, yellow, and orange tones with sometime on the metallic side that will heighten the look of your other decorations, food, and clothes!


Red and Gold:

Red and gold is a classic! Not only will it look amazing as a centerpiece but this theme is great for Christmas as well!

Hopefully we've gotten your creative juices flowing! And just like our flowers, we hope you have a beautiful holiday season spent with the people you love and cherish! Send us your holidays with your Royal Rose creation on Instagram @theroyalrose!

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