Home Blooming

Home Blooming

You've just purchased your dream home and you couldn't be more excited! Oh, how the granite countertops glow and glisten, pairing perfectly with your clean and polished cabinetry! And you've just purchased the furniture to match. A sofa in front of your TV (Netflix cannot be neglected). Coffee table placed strategically on top of a complementary rug. But something's missing...that extra touch, that bedazzle that adds that extra kick to your decor...

How about fresh flowers?

Welcome yourself or a loved one to their new space with preserved flowers from The Royal Rose. These are real flowers that undergo a special process that makes them last for up to a year without watering or maintenance. They are luxuriously crafted and delivered in decadent package so they are the perfect centerpiece right from the box!

With customizable options, you can match your purchase with the style and color scheme of your room and decor. Add in your own personality with colors, shapes, and arrangement - all catered to your liking.

We all know flowers and plants brighten every room and The Royal Rose is the perfect compromise for people who want fresh plants without the cost of weekly purchases or the hassle of maintenance. Put your Ikea plants away and make room for decor that will draw the eyes of your guests and create the perfect ambiance for yourself.

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