How Mother’s Day is Celebrated Around the World

How Mother’s Day is Celebrated Around the World

Mothers are fundamental figures in cultures all around the world. Mother’s Day is in turn celebrated everywhere. While there are plenty of similarities in how it’s celebrated (gifts, cards, flowers, and dinners), each country has its own special way of doing it. We thought it would be fun to explore cultures around the world on this very important holiday:

United KingdomMother’s Day falls on a religious Christian holiday called Mothering Sunday. Happening on the fourth Sunday during Lent, Mothering Sunday is a day where individuals return to their “mothering” or regular church they attended as a child to bay patronage. Even though Mother’s Day has religious roots here, most mainstream people don’t treat it as such.

MexicoMother’s Day is a BIG deal in Mexico. Called Dia de Las Madres, some people go as far as hiring bands for parties and catering large amounts of food! This banger holiday is one of the busiest days for restaurants in Mexico showing how important celebrating mothers are in Mexico.

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