How to Celebrate Mom All Year Long

How to Celebrate Mom All Year Long

Mother’s Day is coming up and while this national holiday is the perfect time to spoil mom it shouldn’t be the only day of the year where she can spend some quality time with her children. Maintaining activities that you can do with you mom is an important way of maintaining a great relationship as adult children. Here we’ve compiled a list of long-term activities you and your mom can start doing together on Mother’s Day but continue throughout the year:

  1. Gardening

If you live in Florida, gardening is an option year-round thus being the perfect opportunity for long term, weekly activities. Additionally, Mother’s Day in May is the perfect time to get started since it’s warm enough to start considering summer blooms. Gardening is a great medium and hobby to make sure you and your mom get some fresh air while spending good quality time catching up and chatting.


  1. Pick Up a Sport

I know I know, for all of you non-sporty people, the cringe is real right now but stay with me. It doesn’t have to be competitive or even intensive. It’s just something active you can do with mom on the weekend especially if the both of you are more sedentary people. It can even be indoors! Think sports like ping pong or badminton or even tennis. Take it up a level and take lessons with her. It’s never too late to learn something new.

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