How to Make Mom Feel Special

How to Make Mom Feel Special

This year, Mother’s Day is Sunday May 8th and while mothers should feel special every day, Mother’s Day is the day to drive the message home. To the women who raised us, she should feel all of the love that she deserves on this day. What any mother would want is to spend time with her children, especially adult children. In this blog, we’ve put together a couple of activity ideas that you can do with your mother to make her feel special:

Make-overs – While Mother’s Day dinners are classic ways to celebrate, we often forget about the time before and after dinner that are wonderful ways to connect. Just like getting ready with the girls are sometimes better than the night out itself, getting ready with mom can be truly special. Since moms are always in service to her children, having mom get pampered once in awhile where she does not have to do any work will be a great feeling for her. Help her put on her blush and curl her hair so she knows that she is the queen that she is.

Get everyone involved – What happens a lot of the time is that different family members will celebrate mom independently. For example, the daughter might grab lunch with her while her partner takes her out for dinner at night. However, wouldn’t it be nice for everyone to plan something together, so she knows the collective love the family has for her? Imagine coming home to the entire family ready to spend the day together? It would be any mother’s best daydream come true!

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