Instagram-able Locations You Need on Your Feed

Instagram-able Locations You Need on Your Feed

Instagram has become a curated version of our lives and in this new era, we have never eaten so much with our eyes. We take pictures of our food with golden hour hitting it just right, we take creative photoshoots from home, and of course vacations are documented with just the right poses. If you’re looking to add more content to your feed, we’ve compiled our favorite locations with the most beautiful and lush rose décor. Let’s get into it:

Secret Garden – Houston, TX

Secret Garden is a coffee shop during the day and a bar at night. It occupies 2000 square feet of patio space giving you the feeling of hanging out in a greenhouse. What’s more is there’s a beautiful backdrop of white roses with the café’s name engraved with lights.

The Pink Rose Café – La Mesa, CA

A new addition this year in 2021, The Pink Rose Café takes their rose business very seriously. Not only do they have a wall of pink, red, and yellow roses, they also have a gift rose bouquet where they display their scrumptious bakery items. Even their exterior is appropriately pink with roses framing the entrance.

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