Love Languages

Love Languages

There are a million ways to say "I love you". It can be as simple as a hug between friends, or even as grand as flying a 1000 miles to surprise your significant other for an anniversary. Love can come in an instant or had to develop over decades. Love can shared to all the precious people around you, or celebrated in the form of self-love.

No matter who it is, how long the love has been shared, or what occasion, the universal language of love is a rose. Beautiful, delicate, yet bold, it is the perfect symbol for a feeling that has given us so much joy. And it is the perfect gift to the person who brought that joy to us.

Celebrate your love with timeless, preserved roses. These are real flowers that were specially treated to maintain their appearance and freshness for up to a year. Unlike regular roses that clock out at a week, preserved roses will continue to carry the sentiment of your gift so that your loved one can be reminded of your love week after week, month after month. Maintenance is low so there is no need for any water change, fertilizer, or stem cutting. All your loved one has to focus on is the gift itself.

Let Royal Roses be your next "I love you".

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