Love Stories: Jacy and Simon

Love Stories: Jacy and Simon

In a small, retirement town, coffee shops suitable for studying and work is hard to come by unless you accept that Starbucks is the one easy option. The next best thing? – Barnes and Nobles. Jacy, a junior in high school, has college admissions in mind. It was a way for her to escape the monotony of her town and gain a more secular experience with like minded people her age. While she had friends in high school, her class was only 200 students strong leaving much to be desired if for Jacy who craves novel interactions.

Entering the doors of Barnes and Nobles, Jacy was determined to gain solid footwork in studying for her AP exams. Doing well on these courses will earn her college credit saving precious money. As she settled down to a table in the small café inside the bookstore, she pulled out her school-issued agenda book. She liked to stay organized and wrote everything down. Just as she was organizing her thoughts and plan for the day, a deep voice resonated from the right of her.

“Do you go to Lake View High?”

Startled, Jacy flinched and turned to the owner of the voice. He was a dark-haired boy sitting at the table next to her. He had an array of textbooks laid out in front of him clearly with the same study agenda as Jacy. “Yes,” Jacy replied, “How did you know?” The boy smiled and gestured at her agenda book. “When you took that out it was like a blast from the past. I graduated from there a couple years ago. I’m in college now. Is Dr. Oz still there? Crazy guy kept on joking that he was going to fail me but I think it’s just his way of showing affection.”

Jacy smiled at the mention of her literature teacher. “I think I took your place because he keeps on wanting to fail me!” she laughed, and the boy beamed in return. “I’m Simon by the way. It’s nice to meet you.” He extended a hand out for a handshake which she returned. His hands were soft but firm. Clearly practiced to exude confidence and self-assurance.

“I’m Jacy,” she offered back.

“Well, Jacy, who else is still there? I almost burned my eyebrows off during Dr. Skip’s labs.”

They ended up talking for the rest of the afternoon, their textbooks forgotten. Simon reminisced his high school days and told Jacy about his college adventures. He’s studying to be a doctor and he enjoys playing basketball on the weekends. She replied that medicine was her dream as well. “We have so much in common,” he observed. “Can we exchange numbers?”

Jacy blushed since this was the first time any boy had asked her for her number. “Um, sure! Here. I’ll put it in your phone,” she said shyly. He gave her his beaming smile again. “Great! I’m going to need it if I’m going to ask you out on a date.”

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