More Than Words

More Than Words

Whether its heart wrenching love, a long due apology, or any emotion that is difficult to capture in words, sometimes it helps to convey your intentions in a gift. What gets the job done is something simple but lavish. Not too overdone but special and thoughtful enough so the other person can feel your genuine and authentic feelings. The perfect item that fits the criteria?


At The Royal Rose, we expertly and beautifully craft preserved roses out of real flowers. Our bouquets and gifts is an upgrade from regular flowers since they not need maintenance, water, or fertilizer. While regular flower wilt within a week, our flowers will stay fresh and last for up to a year! What better way to represent your authentic self than through a gift that lasts, reminding your loved one of your message for months to come.

Additionally, our bouquets are highly customizable with a wide array for colors and designs. Delivered in a beautiful and elegant box with white glove service if you are in the Miami area, we offer the most luxurious spin on a simple and thoughtful gift. Check out our Instagram and website to dive into your next inspirational gift for a loved one.

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