Mother’s Day around the World

Mother’s Day around the World

May 9th is Mother’s Day in the United States, and what a day it is filled with joy and appreciation! Across the globe there are so many moms all putting in the incredible work it takes to be a mother, and they get their recognition too! In this article we’ll go over a few Mothers tradition around the world.

Japan- Celebrated in March, children would present their mothers with red carnation flowers and would display a white one if they had passed away. In more recent years, white carnations have become the symbolic flower for Mother’s Day in Japan.

Ethiopia- Celebrated in the fall, families gather for a feast and celebration! Traditionally, sons bring meat while daughters bring vegetables. Following the feast, there is usually dancing and family story telling.  

India- Celebrated in October, a 10-day festival known as Durga Puja is held to celebrate Durga, the goddess of mothers. During these 10 days, families give gifts, feast, and decorate their homes. This festival is seen as both a religious holiday and a time for family reunion.

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