Netflix and Chill? Or Disney Plus and Us? A Valentine's Day in.

Netflix and Chill? Or Disney Plus and Us?  A Valentine's Day in.

Between HBO, Hulu, Netflix, and now Disney Plus, date night has never been easier! ...or harder. There's a huge selection out there and if you are looking for a chill night in with bae, nothing dampens the mood more than spending an hour searching for something to watch. To help your night go smoothly, we have two picks, one a TV series and one a movie, both will make for a great date night movies for you and your boo.

But first, set the mood. Get the popcorn, the chocolates, and the red wine. Gift her the beautiful bouquet of red roses from The Royal Rose that will not only brighten her smile and her day, but the entire tone of the evening. Get settled for films that will make you two fall in love again.

  1. This is Us on Hulu

Heartwarming and wholesome, This is Us is the perfect combination of genuine love, family, and support. You will easily bond and relate to the characters and find yourself invested in their lives and stories. With surprise plot twists, this series will keep you two on your feet.

  1. Always Be My Maybe on Netflix

If you and your partner enjoy more down to earth content, Always By My Maybe is a romantic movie but not without it's real life themes. It hits on complacency and motivation while also telling a the story a meant-to-be couple.

Happy viewing and Happy Valentine's Day - from your family here at The Royal Rose.

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