Nothing's like Miami's Heat

Nothing's like Miami's Heat

What does life in Miami look like?

Picture glistening ocean waters that gently caress the soft sanded beaches of South Beach. And while the waters are gentle, men and women with rippling muscles grind hard on their workouts on the calisthenics muscle beach just adjacent to the water.

Picture mojitos and cubanos in Little Havana where a local merchant slices open a fresh coconut to drink from with a straw (metal of course because we love sea turtles). Picture beautiful, tall, white buildings that serve the most peaceful day views but also bustling city lights at night.

In the 305, being high on life is the lifestyle to live and at The Royal Rose we create beautiful preserved roses that encapsulates the essence of Miami so you can bring a piece of this luxury into your home and life. Whether you are decorating your house or gifting a gift to a loved one (or yourself), each rose exudes decadence. These are real roses that are crafted with a special process that allows them to stay fresh for up to a year without watering or maintenance!  

If you live in south Florida, we offer a white-gloved delivery service. But if you live elsewhere, don't fret. We will safely deliver your slice of Miami sunshine without harming a single petal. Highly Instagramable and picture perfect, these are flowers that will constantly bring freshness to your home and is a gift that keeps giving past the week expiration date of regular flowers! 

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