Perfect Valentine’s Day Date Locations in South Florida

Perfect Valentine’s Day Date Locations in South Florida

Great news – Valentine’s Day in Florida is usually filled with sunshine and good weather unlike most places where it’s cold. With great weather and climate, one of the best date ideas is the enjoy the outdoors and what better place to do in than Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami.

This early 1900s estate was the winter home of James Deering. This 43-acre property has withstood the test of time and is now a museum and popular photoshoot location. Lush with plants and flowers, the estate is kept beautiful with gardens outside the home, inside the courtyard in the middle of the home, and in the back gardens. You can find orchid gardens, small ponds, as well as an ocean view in the back. The home itself is decorated in the Rococo manner making you feel like you just stepped into 1600s Europe. There are charming stained glass, balconies, and corridors perfect for romantic pictures.

After your daytime stroll around the gardens, take your date out for omakase. This is a Japanese form of dining in which the chef creates a catered menu just for the guests. Since the menu is determined by the chef’s creativity for the day, it’s always different and you never know what you’re going to get next. Typically dishes include various types of sushi, fish, tempura, and other Japanese dishes. While it’s up to the chef’s creativity, you can always let them know of any food sensitivities or dislikes so they can create something you and your date will love. Some of our favorite locations include NAOE and Wabi Sabi Miami.

If you are looking for a meaningful Valentine’s Day gift to complement daytime activities and dinner, we have the perfect selection for you. At The Royal Rose, we specialize in beautifully crafted preserved roses. Our flowers are made from real roses but preserved through a special process that allows them to last for over a year without light, watering, or maintenance! Always beautifully packaged in a box rather than cheap plastic, Royal Rose roses make the best gift! Place an order today! 

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