Roses - The Most Symbolized Icon of the 20th Century

Roses - The Most Symbolized Icon of the 20th Century

Roses symbolize feelings we express every day but want to especially celebrate on special occasions.

Symbolizing passion, they are given to significant others whether that relationship is blossoming on the first date, or fine-tuned at the 50th anniversary.

Symbolizing hope and new beginnings, roses are gifted in bundles at graduations, weddings, and even as home-warming gifts.

Symbolizing life, they are used to celebrate the life of our loved ones when they are no longer with us. No matter the occasion, roses are a elegant physical representation of the thoughtfulness and care of the giver. Each flower sings the love we carry for that person. So why not encapsulate that sentiment for longer periods of time?

Regular roses easily bruise and get damaged, so by the time they are gifted to your loved ones, they might already be in lesser condition from when you bought them.

Even when roses are gifted in perfect conditions, they will naturally wilt and brown into a sad pile of petals and leaves within a few days.

The solution is to gift preserved roses.

These are real flowers that underwent a special process to make them preserve their beauty for up to a year. No need to worry about sunlight or water; they will stay fresh and radiant. Don't express your love with something that will end up in the trash in a few days, gift something your loved ones will keep and admire for months.

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