Roses: The Symbol of Love

Roses: The Symbol of Love

Love can be expressed in so many ways. From making your partners cup of coffee before they wake up in the morning all the way to buying them a new car. With so many ways to express your affection one has stood the testament of time and is heralded as the icon of love: the red rose. With Valentine’s day coming up, this article will explore the evolution of the red rose as the enduring icon of love. 

The red rose was first brought to acclaim in Greek and Roman mythology, with the goddess of love Aphrodite depicted as always being surrounded by red roses. This was further expanded on by aristocratic Romans who would show their love to others (or themselves) by flooding bedrooms and bathrooms with rose petals. 

Later when Christian ideologies became more well known, the rose became a sign of virtue of the Virgin Mary, and ultimately, the symbol of romance. Writers like Shakespeare and Gertrude Stein would further cement the red rose as the ultimate symbol of love in their literature, allowing the rose to continue its influence in the generations to come. 

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