Self-Care and Self-Love: Love Yourself with All Five Love Languages Part 3

Self-Care and Self-Love: Love Yourself with All Five Love Languages Part 3

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Now...let's get started :)

In this article, we will delve into quality time. If you were to do this with another person, it might look like a coffee date, gyming together, or even just watching Netflix together. Spending quality time with yourself can be just as simple but more importantly, it just needs to be personal. Choose an activity where you are simply with yourself and enjoying your own company. Something I personally like to do is dine out by myself at a sit-down establishment. It's like taking yourself out on a date!

Another method is choosing something you would normally do with another person, and do that with yourself. This can include going to a local event, going to the movies, or even a small weekend trip away. If these don't sound appealing to you, you can always stay at home and try a new hobby!

Sometimes, people can have a hard time spending a lot of time by themselves but with practice, this habit breeds more independency and comfort with yourself. So if this feels awkward at first - don't give up the first time! Sometimes having a "self-care corner" in your house makes it feel less awkward since it's a place especially dedicated for these activities. Decorate it to be comfortable and relaxing, something The Royal Rose can help with since we offer hundreds of custom options for rose bouquets that will liven up your area making it special to you and your quality time.

Enjoy your time with yourself and on the next blog, we will cover physical touch.

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