Self-Care and Self-Love: Love Yourself with All Five Love Languages Part 5

Self-Care and Self-Love: Love Yourself with All Five Love Languages Part 5

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Now...let's get started :)

Words of affirmation is the next love language. It's theoretically the easiest one to do for yourself but at the same time might be the hardest. In relationships, we see words of affirmation when we receive complements or positive feedback that reminds us of the positive traits we have or how we positively impact another person.

Not surprisingly, this can be easily done for yourself through a love letter to yourself. Give yourself complements about the personality traits you find charming about yourself. Reflect on where you are in your life while remembering that where ever that may be, it's exactly where you are supposed to be, even if it's a stepping stone to somewhere else. Remember a time where you positively impacted a person through your actions or words or help alleviate a situation.  

This activity can definitely be challenging for some people so take your time with it. Find a time where you are mentally ready or set the mood. Make yourself a hot tea, take some time to focus on your breathing, surround yourself with something fresh such as flowers from The Royal Rose. And when you are prepared, start writing everything that comes to mind. Then read it out loud to yourself.

This is personally one of the hardest exercises for me but it is well worth it in the end. Let us know how it went and stay tune for our last blog post in this series!

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