Stay-At-Home Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Stay-At-Home Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day being notoriously busy in terms of restaurant bookings and activities, an at-home celebration is the best plan if mom is the type of person to avoid crowds. Honestly, sometimes the best quality time comes from avoiding hassles caused by a holiday rush. The team at The Royal Rose put together some at-home Mother’s Day celebration ideas for your hassle-free time with mom:

Game Night

Mix it up with some classics such as Monopoly or card games with some newer games that are on the market. “Do You Really Know Your Family” is a fun one that the whole family can partake it. It’s made for conversation starters as well as loads of laughter! “Throw Throw Burrito” is made by the same company who made “Exploding Kittens” and is a card dodgeball game that is sure to rile up the competitive people in the family.

Binge Watch a Reality TV Show

This might sound mundane but if you and your mom love this kind of entertainment, it’s a fuss free and enjoyable way to start conversation as well as bond through the show participants. Some classic favorites are “The Great British Cooking Show” and “Love is Blind”. If you are looking for something slightly more niche and new try “School of Chocolate” or “Terrance House”.

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