The Five Elements

The Five Elements

We're all familiar with the four elements - air, water, fire, or earth. However, in traditional Chinese theory and medicine, there are actually five elements - wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Characteristics of these elements are used to determine personality constitutions. What is yours and what Royal Rose bouquet would best fit you?


Confident and competitive, there is nothing shy about wood personalities. Sometimes they are even described as aggressive. Wood types would love something unique making our lavish acrylic box the perfect option. Pair it with deep red or gold roses.


Sociable, friendly and excitable, fire personalities are the life of the party and love meeting new people. They are often high spirited and enjoy making others laugh. The perfect gift to them would be lovely pink roses in our classic heart shaped box to represent their love for people and social settings.  


Chill, slow-moving, and friendly, the best way to imagine earth type personalities is a gentle golden retriever approaching you with a wagging tail. Our classic round box would perfect reflect this personality type with matching muted colored roses such as white or a light, crisp green.


Aloof and rule following, the metal personality is often described as the prime minister since they are very logic and straightforward. A potentially suitable arrangement for this person would be our classic single box with a more traditional color such as red, pink, or white.


More on the timid and shy spectrum, water personalities are intelligent but quiet. A good match would be a small classic round box with cool toned flower such as iliac, light blue, and silver. You can even alternate colors between petals on a single flower giving the entire bouquet a layered look.

The Royal Rose can help you with all these options are more with our highly customizable service. Moreover, our roses last for up to a year due to our high quality crafting process allowing your gift to stand the test of time without the need for maintenance. Create the perfect batch today!

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