The Many Colors of Royal Roses

The Many Colors of Royal Roses

Roses are red...and pink...and yellow...and white...and many other colors! Even though the red rose is notorious as a gesture of romantic love, there are plenty of other colors that symbolize other relationships.

Pink roses symbolize adoration and happiness. They are perfect for parents or relatives that spark joy in your life. Any mother would love a beautiful bouquet of lush pink roses on Mother's Day that shows  appreciation for all that she does year after year. And c'mon it's 2019 - Dad probably wants a bushel as well.

Yellow flower are cheerful and lively, often symbolizing friendship. They are perfect for your bestie's birthday, graduation, or even just a random day when you want to take that extra effort to tell them you love them.

White roses symbolize innocence and new beginnings. They are most popular during weddings, but they can be used in plenty of other life instances such as celebrating a new job, moving to a new city, or changing homes.

Of course, we can now make roses any color of the rainbow to express not only our feelings but also to cater to the personality of the person we love. Royal Rose not only creates beautiful, personalized roses, but they are preserved roses as well. Meaning you don't need to go through the hassle of maintenance. Water-free and mess-free, these roses last up to a year, meaning your loved won't be brushing away dead leaves or pouring out nasty water. They will be immersed in the beauty of your gift week after week, month after month.  

You can follow the guide we have here, or branch out. But either way, you know that your decadent gift will be enjoyed by the person you love.

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