The Perfect Flirty Lash for Valentine’s Day

The Perfect Flirty Lash for Valentine’s Day

False lashes or “falsies” really make a look, and this Valentine’s Day the look needs to be made. Not only do you want to look cute for your date night for your date but for yourself as well! Of course, impressing a date, first or long-term partner, is always the goal but knowing you look good will make you feel that much more confidant and desired. Without further ado, here are our favorite falsies to give your eyes that doe, flirty look.

Ardell Demi Wispies – This is a cult favorite! One of the most classic lash designs, the demi wispies are a natural choice that gives your lash line a little extra drama. It’s a great beginner lash and has a thin band that will fit most eye shapes. Additionally, it is crazy affordable. Each lash can be worn several times as long as it’s being taken care of. If you’re looking for a lash that can be worn subtly, this is the one for you.

Catalyst Lashes &Chill – Catalyst Lashes are made from Korean silk giving them a luscious, shiny luster that is unique compared to other lashes. &Chill is double stacked to offer the appearance of a thicker lash band. It’s perfect for any date at any location – casual or fancy. It has a sturdy lash band that sticks well to the lash band.

We hope you enjoyed the product reviews and hope that it helped you just a little more in piecing together the perfect Valentine’s Day look. If you are looking for a meaningful, Valentine’s Day gift for your partner, we have the perfect selection for you. At The Royal Rose, we specialize in beautifully crafted preserved roses. Our flowers are made from real roses but preserved through a special process that allows them to last for over a year without light, watering, or maintenance! Always beautifully packaged in a box rather than cheap plastic, Royal Rose roses make the best gift! Place an order today! 

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