There’s More than Just Wine on Valentine’s Day: A Drinks Guide

There’s More than Just Wine on Valentine’s Day: A Drinks Guide

While wine is the traditional choice of drink during Valentine’s Day, there are definitely some other options if you and your partner and looking to switching it up a bit. Perfect for dinner or card games (check out our previous blog for ideas!), they can add an extra novel flare to your date! Check it out:

  1. Yakult Soju


This classic Korean mixed drink is frequently served in Korean bars. If you have an Asian market near you, then all the ingredients are easy to get. These ingredients are soju (a type of distilled Korean alcohol), Yakult (a tasty Asian yogurt drink), and Sprite. Mix 2:1 ratio of the soju and Spite. Then add 1-2 bottles of Yakult according to taste. This drink is sweet and fresh but offers decent alcohol content since soju is usually 14% alcohol. Enjoy!


  1. Limonata Vodka


This drink is easy to make with ingredients you might already have! What you will need is vodka, San Pellegrino limonata, and lemonade. Mix one shot of vodka with half a can of limonata and lemonade to taste and viola! You got yourself a tasty mixed drink where the alcohol is barely tangible. It’s light and fizzy making it perfect after a heavy meal.

We hope you enjoyed these drinks ideas! Don’t forget to pair it with the perfect bouquet of Valentine’s Day roses!  

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