Valentine’s Day Get Ready Ideas

Valentine’s Day Get Ready Ideas

Whether you are staying in or going out for your date, whether it’s a first date or 100th date, you want to look cute and ready! We have a nail look idea and a lash company that will help you look and feel flirty and polished!

Next time you get your nails done, ask to get a heart-tipped manicure. Like a French manicure where the rest of the nail is a pale pink, the bow of a heart is painted at the tip of your nails. There are so many variations to this that you can find online and on Instagram. From something as simple as playing with colors and glitter to more advanced such as adding outlines and patterns, there are so many ideas that you can use to make the design personalized to you!

Aside from getting your nails done, you should check out Catalyst Lashes ( They have the softest, fluffiest lashes around that are such to add a flirty touch to your make-up. What’s unique about their lashes is that they add an extra fluffy layer to the top of the lashes adding volume and drama. While they are less than subtle, they will not overwhelm hooded or monolided eyes. Give them a try! After your make over, be sure to tell your date to get you Royal Roses. 

At The Royal Rose, we specialize in beautifully crafted preserved roses. Our flowers are made from real roses but preserved through a special process that allows them to last for over a year without light, watering, or maintenance! Always beautifully packaged in a box rather than cheap plastic, Royal Rose roses make the best gift, especially on Valentine’s Day! Place an order today for your special someone!

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