What’s Your Valentine's Day Gift Giving Style (Part 1)?

What’s Your Valentine's Day Gift Giving Style (Part 1)?

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, we begin to consider what the perfect gift would be for our significant other. Whether we strive to outdo ourselves from previous years or perhaps want to create a memorable experience for a first Valentine’s date, careful planning and consideration is a must.

In the next series of blogs, we will explore the different types of gifts and how The Royal Rose can beautifully complement any giving style!

From a glance, what giving style most seemingly fits you?

  • Gifts of Sentiment
  • Gifts of Romance
  • Gifts of Eccentricity
  • Gifts of Elegance
  • Gifts of Experience and Time 

Or perhaps you tend to swing between a few different giving styles. No matter what route you choose to go, The Royal Rose has got you covered. Over the next few weeks, we will discuss each giving style individually as well as the perfect Royal Rose collection to pair with it.

No gift, despite your giving style, is ever complete without the everlasting effect of The Royal Rose. These preserved roses are actual roses that remain in bloom and fresh for up to year! Even better, the roses do not require water or any of the upkeep that typically comes with caring for flowers. You can also personalize and customize each bouquet to compliment whichever gift style that is more of your style!

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