What’s Your Valentine's Day Gift Giving Style (Part 2)?

What’s Your Valentine's Day Gift Giving Style (Part 2)?

Gifts of Sentiment

If you haven’t already, go ahead and glance through our previous blog to get caught up with the conversation!

One of the most common giving styles involves giving gifts of sentiment. These gifts often reflect deep connection and nostalgia. They also produce a lasting meaning that will always be remembered because it is special and unique to the receiver.

What better way to give a gift with lasting meaning than to give your significant other a long-lasting bouquet from Royal Roses. Our beautifully preserved roses are real and last up to a year without requiring water, light or any upkeep… flowers that can withstand time, just as your memories and love will do the same. In particular, our Luxury Acrylic Collection is a wonderful choice for those of the sentimental heart. This collection is completely customizable in size, rose color and calligraphy. What makes this collection stand out is the acrylic container, which has a small pull out drawer along the bottom… perfect for a personalized sentimental greeting or perhaps a paired sentimental gift, ensuring a Valentine’s Day that will always be remembered.

So, what are some pairing options to go with Royal Roses that reflect a similar sentiment? We’re glad you asked!

We all enjoy those heart-felt cards, you know, the ones that exquisitely portray in words exactly what we’re feeling inside! These cards will fit flawlessly inside the drawer of our renowned large Luxury Acrylic Collection! Maybe you’re more of a photograph type person… well, that would fit too. You could choose a photo from a special time in yours and your partner’s life, evoking those feelings of nostalgia and joy.

To keep up with the lifespan of Royal Roses, you could also write 365 “favorite” notes, highlighting your favorite attributes of and memories with your spouse. After writing them, you can place them inside of the drawer, or in a separate jar, where your partner can retrieve one every day for the next year! Okay, so that might take too much thinking on your part… you could always buy a gift card to a special restaurant that has significant meaning to the two of you and place that in the drawer. There are just so many options!

With or without pairing, Royal Roses are a beautiful way to bring back nostalgic memories while also creating new ones with the person that you love.

Stay tuned to hear about other giving styles and how Royal Roses fit into all of them!

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