What’s Your Valentine's Day Gift Giving Style (Part 4)?

What’s Your Valentine's Day Gift Giving Style (Part 4)?

Gifts of Eccentricity

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We all know that person who is able to find those gifts that no one really knows about. You know, those under the radar gifts that when you open them, it’s everything you never knew you wanted… or perhaps, never even knew existed! If this giving style resonates with you then your style may be gifts of eccentricity.

Royal Rose hits the nail on the head when it comes to gifts of eccentricity. I mean, who ever imagined having flowers that stayed fresh for a whole year! Why give typical flowers when you can give the experience of the Royal Rose! If you want to spice things up even more, you can also choose some of our more unique rose colors such as rainbow, metallic emerald green, metallic hot pink or metallic light blue.

Gifts of eccentricity highlight individuals who really take their time to research and find the perfect gift, who go above and beyond a typical Valentine’s Day. This giving style is for those whose primary goal is to find that one of a kind gift for their one of a kind Valentine. People who give gifts of eccentricity never get stuck in the cliché of Valentine’s Day because they dare to venture out of the norm and make every gift giving experience unique and memorable.

With an eccentric gift comes an unconventional Valentine’s date, so this is your time to get creative! Dinner and a movie… that’s too predictable. How about taking your partner on a local ghost tour where you can hold onto each other when things get a little spooky! Other fun ideas include participating in a local brewery crawl, renting an expensive sports car for the day or even a murder mystery dinner. Just make sure you don’t forget your bouquet of Royal Roses as you prepare for your date!

Stay tuned for even more giving styles and date ideas brought to you by Royal Roses!

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