What’s Your Valentine's Day Gift Giving Style (Part 5)?

What’s Your Valentine's Day Gift Giving Style (Part 5)?

Gifts of Elegance

If you haven’t already, go ahead and glance through our previous blog to get caught up with the conversation!

One of our favorite giving styles for Valentine’s Day is giving gifts of elegance. Class and elegance, along with romance, collectively portray the American idea of Valentine celebrations. Whether it’s high fashion, diamond rings or a black dress dinner, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to bring out our more elegant nature.

For centuries, roses have symbolized love, passion and elegance… truly natural one of a kind beauties. Despite being near perfect, the one flaw of the rose is that when placed in a bouquet, they often do not last very long. Fortunately, this is not an issue for Royal Roses. Guaranteed to stay fresh for approximately a year without any maintenance, these preserved roses present the perfect amount of elegance to your Valentine plans. For even more class, check out our Diamond Box Suede Grey bouquet… even the name sounds gorgeous, right?!

Looking for an elegant night out to go with your Royal Roses bouquet? We have a few suggestions for you! Nothing echoes elegance quite like strapping on your best dress or suit and going to see a show such as play, ballet or opera. There, you can sip on some bubbly champagne and cheers the night away in each other’s company. Another great option would be to visit an art gallery of sorts and admire the beautiful collections!

Don’t let these suggestions sway you from staying in if that’s more your style. I mean, what could possibly make you feel more elegant than watching an old black-and-white film together, a timeless classic perhaps. If you really want to outdo yourself, an elegant piece of jewelry is always a fantastic addition as well. If you’re really over the top, why not add some diamonds to go with the Royal Roses Diamond Box Suede Grey bouquet?!

Stay tuned to hear about other giving styles and how Royal Roses fit into all of them!

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