Why Do We Gift Roses on Valentine’s Day

Why Do We Gift Roses on Valentine’s Day

Cliché as it is, many people crave for a dozen roses on the day of love since it is so quintessential to how we experience Valentine’s Day. How did this come to be?

Red roses are not just a symbol for Valentine’s Day but love as a whole. Stemming from ancient Greek times, the rose was the symbol for Aphrodite. It was said that red roses would sprout from where her tears and blood fell. When the Romans translated Aphrodite to their own god Venus, the red rose continue to symbolize her beauty and love.

Expression through flowers became popular in the 1600s in Europe. With long withstanding history, it did not take long for red roses to represent love. Aristocrats from all over Europe gifted roses to express their longing and care to loved ones. 400 years later, the tradition continues as millions of dollars are spent every Valentine’s Day for people to express their feelings.  

For those who want to put a twist on tradition, try gifting a bouquet of roses with different shades of red rather than a uniform deep red. It will make your gift unique and memorable!

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