Your Perfect Bouquet According to Myers-Briggs

Your Perfect Bouquet According to Myers-Briggs

What would your Royal Rose order look like according to your Myers-Briggs personality?


Charismatic with all the characteristics of a natural leader, ENFJ is a unique personality that only makes up of 2% of the population. To match, the ENFJ bouquet calls for a unique, bright color scheme such as teal, lilac, or pastels.  ENFJ love group activities so ideally this bouquet would be a large arrangement such as our large classic round box collection which contains up to 36 crafted roses.


Caring and affectionate, ISFJ is the most common personality type. Enjoying their me-time and using those moments to recharge themselves, ISFJ are can be true introverts. The perfect arrangement would be our classic single boxes which contain only one rose. A deep red or alternating red and pink petals would work well to exhibit this personality type's affection.


The Executive personality type administrative, rule-following, and clear cut. There is little room for straying off path, and ESTJ value clear adherence to plans. Determined and disciplined, ESTJ are great at getting things done efficiently. The perfect bouquet would be our classic square boxes in a deeper color such as a rich blue, green, or black.

Whatever your personality type or preference, you will be able to customize your batch with The Royal Rose! With thousands options between box shape, color choices, box material, and number of roses, you will be able to create an bouquet that you or a loved one will absolutely adore! But if you want to match one to your Myer-Briggs personality, find out your personality through this test at

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