Rectangular Box White - Special Collection of Real Long Lasting Roses - Lifetime is Over 1 Year

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Our mission was to create the modern interpretation of flower delivering with simplistic luxury. Royal Roses delivers every arrangement in the highest quality, customized hand-made boxes covered by the artistic silk-touch paper that in itself is stunning.

Our Unique Luxury Roses are the unique manifestation of the oldest human desire: the preservation of beauty forever. Without fading away these roses will capture the center of any room it occupies. The result of meticulous work brings you a flower so tough it withstands time.

One year guaranteed lifespan for the long-lasting roses without sunlight, water or excessive heat. 

With absolutely no maintenance or watering required, our preserved roses will always look luxurious and elegant in your space. These real luxury roses are lasting over 1 year.

For out of state orders, we are not able to ship for Sunday and for Holidays. We are only able to ship for business days and Saturday. Please note that because we are located in Miami, FL, we need at least 1 business day to ship the roses to your shipping address (Florida FedEx and out of state FedEx deliveries)