Avoiding a Cliché Valentine’s Day

Avoiding a Cliché Valentine’s Day

Not all of us might be fans of the giant teddy bears, rose petal strewn bedsheets, and giant balloons. For those of us who want something different from what Valentine’s Day traditionally is, this blog is for you. Hopefully it can serve as inspiration for a day that is different from convention but still celebrates the love between you and your partner. Let’s get started:

Celebrate the small moments – When you are with your partner for long enough, it’s not the grand moments that make a relationship. It’s every day small interactions and memories that create the foundations of joy between two people. When couples reflect on their happiest moments together, it’s usually the seemingly mundane moments. To make your Valentine’s Day unique and not cliché, you should draw from these moments. For example, if Friday movie night is something you and your partner do to relax after a stressful week, maybe try setting up an outdoor movie experience complete with a picnic and projector. It’s all about elevating everyday things that already bring you two joys.

Costume flowers – Flowers are one of the quintessential parts of Valentine’s Day. While it’s a strong yearly favorite, it doesn’t have to be boring. Instead of opting for a dozen red roses try and play with different colors. Maybe gold? Or a box of roses that spell out “I love you”. Maybe even think about a way the flowers can be presented outside of a glass vase. The power to be creative with conventional items will elevate your Valentine’s Day away from cliché.

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