Rose Inspired Looks to Kick Off the Late Summer

Rose Inspired Looks to Kick Off the Late Summer

Believe it or not, summer is winding down to its last few weeks. Luckily, here in south Florida, we enjoy summer all year long and will still enjoy this heat for a couple more months until more temperate winds settle in. However, Floridians still love being about to dress according to the seasons. To do this, rose gold is one of those colors that work so well in the transition between summer and fall. It gives the brightness that summer inspires but also the warm tones that fall is so well known for. Here are some ways you can get the look:


Rose gold/rose copper hair

Do you love pink hair but don’t want something as bright as what we usually see on the internet and on other people? Rose gold/rose copper is the perfect compromise for a head of pink that is casual enough to comfortable wear in most workplaces and locations. It’s also unique and brings out all eye colors with its beautiful highlights and low lights.


Wear rings…liberally

The busy hand look is in again with a lot of variation on the trend. You can stack dainty rings or use a couple of chunky centerpieces. You can also take the middle road and stack dainty pieces to complement bolder rings. Rose gold is a great color especially for warm tone skin as it brings out the warmness and has a very luxurious feel to the color itself.   

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