Cute Date Ideas for Valentine's Day 2021

Cute Date Ideas for Valentine's Day 2021

2020 is in the past but there is no mistaken that the world still looks a little different. This is the first Valentine's day we will be celebrating during the pandemic and while our world might be different from the times of lockdown, you and your partner might enjoy a safe way to approach the holiday. Here are some unique Valentine's day ideas for you and your boo:

  1. Take a virtual cooking class! Or try some new dishes

Many couples love to cook together because it's a great way to work through a process together and enjoy the delish ends. Elevate this experience with a virtual cooking class or just trying some challenging dishes. This is a great vehicle for quality time was well as investing in both your cooking skills for the future.

  1. Go stargazing

If you want to take a small trip, going to some of Florida's prime stargazing sights is the way to go. There are a few places far away from city lights that you can see the constellations on a clear night. Use the Night Sky app to identify constellations and stars!

  1. Back yard camping

Love the idea of camping but the ideas of preparation and supplies are daunting? Try backyard camping! Spruce up your environment to add a romantic touch with fairy lights, a bonfire, and lots of snacks! Chat the night away with some much needed quality time.

Hopefully, you found some inspiration from these ideas! Don't forget the most quintessential element of Valentine's day - red roses. At The Royal Rose, we got your covered with our limited time Love Box, your choice of a singular or six rose. Check out our Instagram for customizable ideas and inspo @theroyalroses!  

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