Rose Scented Candles

Rose Scented Candles

Love the scent of roses? Us too! The scent of roses provides a unique smell that is fresh and sweet. Because of how iconic roses are they often conjure romantic and ethereal feelings. Perhaps they even trigger a special memory. To keep the aromatherapy going strong, we’ve compiled a list of the best selling rose scented candles on Amazon (easy and accessible!):

  1. Chesapeake Bay Stillness + Purity – Best Value

With a 4.6-star rating from more than 36,000 reviews, this candle is clearly impressive. It’s also unbelievably cheap at only $12 for more than 50 hours of burn time. Make with soy wax, you’re sure to be breaking in scents free from harmful chemicals.


  1. Yankee Candle in Fresh Cut Roses – Best for large rooms

About just as impressive with a 4.7-star rating with over 32,000 reviews, Yankee Candle is well known for their quality. With pungent candles that will fill a space, it’s great for the living room.


  1. Lulu Candles in Amber, Rose & Sheet Musk II – Best for small rooms

Tinier candles than the first two mentioned, it still pack a bunch at a 4.5-star review with about 28,000 reviews. It’s great for desks and bedside tables that requires something daintier.

If you are looking for more things roses, we have the perfect selection for you. At The Royal Rose, we specialize in beautifully crafted preserved roses. Our flowers are made from real roses but preserved through a special process that allows them to last for over a year without light, watering, or maintenance! Always beautifully packaged in a box rather than cheap plastic, Royal Rose roses make the best gift! Place an order today! 

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