Must Visit Rose Gardens in the United States

Must Visit Rose Gardens in the United States

We’ve seen the trending spring photos of people surrounded by wisps of cherry blossoms or tulips…but we have yet to see the same energy with roses. Since roses require some amount of skill and dedication to cultivated to be luscious and photogenic, there are few places where rose gardens are plentiful with elegant blooms. Many of us are familiar with the opposite which are bushes with sparse flowers that are sagging and wilted. However, with the following rose gardens, you won’t find anything like that. Instead, you’ll find your next Instagram post:

John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art Rose Garden – Sarasota, FL

Starting off with a more local find, Ringling Museum is home to a cacophony of interests from art to architecture to circus…and roses. Their rose garden is filled with colorful blooms that span the range of colors roses display with unapologetic vibrancy. There is a walkway for visitors to immerse themselves among the flowers as well as some statues to liven up the ambiance.

Municipal Rose Garden – San Jose, CA

Voted to be America’s Best Rose Garden, the Municipal Rose Garden was founded in 1927. They carry more than 3500 plantings and 189 varieties. Best part – admission is free.    

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