Self-Care and Self-Love: Love Yourself with All Five Love Languages Part 6

Self-Care and Self-Love: Love Yourself with All Five Love Languages Part 6

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The last love language is gift giving. A meaningful gift is a great way to represent all your care for someone in a physical object, especially if it's well thought out and meaningful. While most people think of gift giving on birthdays or holidays, sometimes the most meaningful gifts are random and out of the blue, a small token to show that that person thought about you during their day to day. What's great about this love language is that you can easily do it for yourself!

The key to a good gift to yourself is that the gift continuously brings you happiness after the initial giving phase. If it's a gift that only sparks joy initially but lose its appeal the next day, then you are just filling your life with empty objects that don't actually mean much to you. Even if gift giving is your lowest love language, there is something for everyone that will bring them joy weeks to months to years after the initial gifting.

One of our suggestions is roses! Refreshing and rejuvenating, roses have a mystical way of just uplifting a person's mood and changing the entire environment of a place. At The Royal Rose, we craft high quality preserved roses which will last up to a year without water or maintenance. These are real flowers that are made to last longer than the real deal but looks just as amazing! We have dozens of customizable options so you can really tailor your gift to yourself.

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