Teddy Bears, Chocolates & Roses... Oh My!

Teddy Bears, Chocolates & Roses... Oh My!

Between a teddy bear, a box of chocolates, and a dozen roses, which two of these items have the most similarities?

Yes, they are the trifecta of Valentine's day. Yes, they all pair wonderfully with a nice bottle of wine. But the two items that are similar are the box of chocolates and the dozen roses...because they both only last a few days.

Assuming you bought a cute teddy bear and not a hideous one (or buy one obnoxiously large to throw away!), both the chocolates and the flowers are temporary gifts.

As your significant other happily munches away at the candy, the rose petals slowly but surely wilt away sadly, eventually ending up in at the bottom of the trash (hopefully not accompanying your teddy bear).



But it doesn't have to be that way. Give your significant other something they can remember your special day by for months after the event. Preserved roses are a way to make your dozen last for a dozen months. They don't need to be watered or placed in sunlight so they are a low maintenance gift, especially if your loved one is the type who even struggle with succulents. Make it so that you can crack open that bottle of wine and let the roses pair with your teddy bear for your loved one to admire for up to a year after your special day.

Let the only reason why your gift lasts for a few days is because they were delicious, not wilted!



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