Unique Ways to Spend Time with Mom on Mother’s Day

Unique Ways to Spend Time with Mom on Mother’s Day

Everyone loves a good dinner or brunch. However, why not take Mother’s Day as an opportunity to do something different with mom. Just like any relationship, doing something outside of routine can really be a bonding moment and cuts the monotony especially if you still spend a lot of physical time with mom. This Mother’s Day, try one of these unique activities to get you and mom on the move:

Community Work-Out Program – How many times have you and your mom put fitness as a new year resolution only for it to be the next year’s resolution? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. But this just means that you and your mom are the perfect accountability partners! Gyms like Orange Fitness offer group classes that have a mix of weights and cardio that is perfect for any skill level. Sign up for a membership with mom and get your first class going!

Trampoline Gym – If your mom still thinks of you as a kid then act like one! Trampoline gyms are made for adults to live their youth and jump around into giant foam pits. You and mom are not going to want to miss this as you guy spend the day somersaulting away!

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